October 2013

Mediterranean Marinated Vegetables

Mediterranean VegSmall This dish is so fresh tasting it always makes it feel like summer to me!  The selection of vegetables compliment each other perfectly and the marinade brings out that warm, Mediterranean feel on your tongue. (more…)

Juice vs Smoothie: Which is Best?

Green Smoothie 021Juicing and smoothie making has become an increasing health trend over the past few years, with many people investing in blenders and juicing machines.  They both have huge health benefits, but it’s important to understand what the differences between the two are so that you can determine which would work best for you.  In this article I take a look at the pros and cons of both so you can make up your mind. (more…)

Cleansing Green Juice

Juice Cleanse Close 017Here’s a yummy Cleansing Green Juice recipe that you can make each day that will give you bundles of energy and clean out those insides, making your skin glow with health! (more…)

Raw Apple Tart with Vanilla Cashew Cream (Video)

This easy “no-bake” Apple Tart with Vanilla Cashew Cream is super quick to prepare from scratch and free from wheat, dairy, eggs and refined sugar.  It contains healthy fats, protein and natural sugars.  I’ve tried other variations, such as Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Raisin, and it really is scrumptious, so do experiment yourself!  A fantastic dish for the autumn/winter.  Everyone I’ve given this to just loved it and thought it was as good as the baked version!  Give it a go and let us know what you think 🙂


Eating Healthy on a Budget

by Andrea Baines

eating on a budget

There is a general misconception that you need lots of money in order to eat really healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.  Well, I’m living proof you that you actually don’t, because I have managed to eat healthy and live healthy on a fairly low income for the past 6 years. I’ve learned a few valuable things and want to share them with you here. (more…)

10 Best “Happy Foods” and Why You Need Them!

Article written by Andrea Baines

dreamstimefree_240473We’ve had an incredible and prolonged summer this year in Ireland, which has filled us with joy and been much appreciated by all. But the short, dark days of winter are just around the corner, and with it come not only a drop in temperature, but also a drop in mood for many people. (more…)

Why milk is the perfect food – for baby cows!

by Andrea Baines

About 10 years ago I dramatically cut down on the amount of dairy products I consumed after I learned they could be one of the causes of my incessant skin break outs.  I guess at first I was a little concerned about where I would get my calcium from and took supplements for a while to compensate.   (more…)