December 2013

Healthy Christmas is possible while still enjoying yourself!

by Andrea Baines

Let’s face it, we all over-indulge at Christmas.  It seems obligatory to eat just about everything in sight, and you just can’t say no to any of those mince pies, pastries and chocs, all washed down with something boozy.  And we KNOW it comes at a price!  At the end of the day we feel bloated, gassy, tired and miserable about how we look.

A healthy Christmas can be easy

So, here are a few habits you could adopt to keep your system working efficiently and topped up nutritionally during the holidays, which may help you to avoid the holiday bulge while still enjoying yourself!


Cashew Custard (dairy-free)

xmas pud sliceRecipeI made this vegan, dairy free Custard to compliment my Raw Christmas Pudding recipe, but it is equally delicious poured over mince pies or any other desserts!

It keeps really well in the fridge for a few days so is handy to have for any dairy-free people in the house over the holidays.


Equipment:  H

Christmas Pudding (Raw Vegan)

Raw Xmas Pud RecipeI’m not at all a fan of Christmas pud or cake, but I know so many of you are, so I wanted to create an alternative healthy pudding with all the richness of flavour and hopefully some of the texture of traditional pud. 

I tested this out on 5 pudding fans and they all loved it!   (more…)

Guacamole Salad

GuacamoleI love Guacamole.  It’s one of those versatile dishes that you can throw together really quickly and is amazing with salad, on top of a baked potato or raw flax crackers.  It’s also a fantastically fresh and tasty party dish that you can use to fill crisp lettuce leaves instead of flour tortillas, or make fresh “chip dippers” out of thick slices of cucumber or courgette (zucchini).  (more…)

Raw Food Diet Motivation (VIDEO BLOG)

Do you need raw food diet motivation?  Are you thinking about starting a healthy diet regime and need some inspiration?

We know it can difficult to keep yourself on track when trying to eat a healthy diet, especially a raw food diet!  And when you’re walking that path alone you can very often need some support and motivation.  We hope this video will give you some inspiration to keep going and remind you of why you are doing it in the first place.  (more…)

7 Astonishing Benefits of Kelp


by Andrea Baines

Seaweed may not be front of mind when you are thinking about what natural supplements you should be taking, and yet these slimy green sea vegetables (kelp, dulse, carrageen etc) that grow abundantly around our native coastline of Ireland are some of the most powerful super-foods on the planet and are available to take in supplement from.

Since I started taking Kelp supplements 8 years ago for its natural iodine content to support a thyroid condition, I unexpectedly experienced numerous other benefits, most notably were my hair, skin, nails and teeth.   When I’m supplementing with Kelp they are all stronger, smoother and less brittle and I don’t have ridges on my fingernails!  (more…)