January 2014

Kale, Avocado & Mango Salad

kale saladKale is one of the most beneficial green leafy vegetables, yet unfortunately most of us boil or steam all of those powerful live enzymes out of it!   Full of iron, vitamin C and protein, this much under-used green is a powerhouse of nutrition.  In this recipe I share with you a very easy method for preparing a raw Kale salad that makes it extremely palatable and delicious when accompanied by juicy mango! (more…)

Raw Thai Green Soup

Thai Green Soup

This creamy, raw Thai Green Soup is delicately flavoured and yet can be as spicy as you like!  The chunky vegetables, when left to marinate in the warm stock for a while, become nice and tender, and a large bowl of this feels like a full meal.  Perfect for those cold days 🙂


Foods that give you energy and why you need them

By Andrea Baines

The Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida has a motto, “It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food,” which I love because it describes the fundamental principal by which all raw foodists live.  This powerful force of nature is necessary to sustain life, and here I want to explain how and tell you the best foods that give you energy and why you need them.


How to deal with Raw Food Detox

detox on raw food diet

By Andrea Baines

When we eat a high raw food diet, go on a juice fast or smoothie diet, our body starts to quickly and naturally cleanse itself of toxins and you will need to know how to deal with raw food detox.  (more…)