May 2014

3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Starts 26th May!

Blenders at the ready!  Yes, it’s that time again folks when we gather ourselves for a good clean out with the power of green smoothies!

Our FREE Summer 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge will start on Monday 26th May and end on Wednesday 28th May.

So if you’re ready to kick start your health, feel lighter and fresher for summer then why not join us for our FREE challenge?

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spiralizer The Lurch Spiralizer

Raw Kitchen Essentials Series: #5 The Spiral Slicer

We know that our eyes can be the first sense that we “eat” with, and being able to make a dish look more appealing from an aesthetic point of view can be just as important as nutritional value.  So, if want to make dishes that look beautiful, and impress your friends with some cool chefy skills, why not invest in a spiral slicer?  (more…)

Home-made Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a great alternative to dairy milk.  It is low fat and low calorie and is easily broken down in the body.  It will also fill you up and give you energy.

For convenience we sometimes buy non-dairy milk in a carton (not a can) and use it for the occasional chocolate smoothie or as a replacement for regular milk.  However, some cartons contain up to seven added ingredients!   So we also like to make our own dairy-free milks which are far superior in quality and nutritional value.  That way not only do we save a little cash but we also get to choose exactly what goes into it!   Here’s our simple recipe for home-made coconut milk. (more…)