June 2014

Raw Food for Beginner’s Class – 5th July!

Join us for our next raw food class in Dublin and learn how to make simply delicious healthy meals that you’ll love!  We’ll be showing you how to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is super-quick time.  Booking is essential.  Full details:  (more…)

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How to Start a Raw Food Diet Successfully

by Andrea Baines

12 simple and manageable steps to help you start a raw food diet successfully!

Starting a raw food diet for the first, or even the tenth time, does take a little consideration and planning if you want to do it successfully.  Diving straight into it without preparation is unrealistic, could be overwhelming and means you are less likely to stick with it.  However, making the decision to transition gradually is far wiser and more manageable.

The more you can prepare yourself, both internally and externally, the more likely you will be able to make a real go of it and start to reap the wonderful benefits!

So I want to share with you 12 simple steps that will help you prepare for a healthy fresh start with your diet, get you through the first couple of weeks and be a guideline for continuing on successfully with raw food, no matter how much you want to eat.  (more…)

Chia Chocolate Pudding

Chia seed closeupChia seeds have become such a staple and normal part of my diet that it still surprises me when people ask me what on earth they are! So I thought I would share a lovely Chia Chocolate Pudding recipe this week as well as give you a quick run down on the benefits and versatility of using them.  (more…)

The 4 Stages of the Raw Food Journey

by Andrea Baines

You may have heard the expression “my raw food journey”.  It’s a term that’s touted by seasoned raw foodists to describe their personal experience as they transitioned with raw foods and the raw food lifestyle.

It’s no secret that eating this way changes you in ways that you never would have imagined, quite unlike any other way of eating in fact.   (more…)

Granola Bars

These raw Granola Bars are just magic with a cup of tea and so quick and easy to make.  I made mine using raw sprouted oats, but you can also use traditional oats, preferably gluten-free if you can get them.  (more…)