August 2014

Release your food guilt!

“I would hazard a guess that most people on diets do not feel joyous and passionate about their food. That’s why society is growing tired of dieting. People just want to find a way of eating that feels good – FOREVER!”

Yesterday an article caught my eye in the Dublin Herald entitled Pressure to have a ‘celeb’ body behind women’s food guilt”.

The article explained said that 20% of women attribute their body issues to pressure to have a ‘celebrity’ body.  No surprises there, however, it went a little deeper than that, explaining that over 50% of women worry about their eating habits to the point where they experienced ongoing anxiety and guilt.    (more…)

Raw Food Class – 7th Sept, Dublin

Raw CurryDiscover the simplicity and joy of making healthy food that tastes great!  Learn how to prepare a range of delicious and healthy raw food meals like this warming vegetable curry, find out what going raw is all about and it’s potential to transform your life on many levels!



Super-food Green Smoothie

Green smoothieDrinking a green smoothie is a powerful way to start the day, or perfect for a lunch replacement.  This filling “meal in a glass” will provide you with those all-important fruits and veggies!

Green smoothies provide us with a power-house of nutrition, fiber, enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals and are perfect for breakfast or lunch.  If you can’t manage to do anything else raw in your life, then making a daily green smoothie will be the best thing you can do for yourself right now. (more…)