September 2014

Chocolate & Raspberry Ice-Cream Sundae

Choc Raspberry sundae topLayers of fresh raspberries, chocolate sauce and creamy raspberry ice-cream – this recipe totally has the “yum!” factor and we highly recommend you make it while raspberries are still in season!


Where do you get your Protein on a Plant-Based Diet?

by Andrea Baines

gorillas in greeneryPerhaps one of the most frequently asked questions that raw vegans or raw vegetarians have to answer is “where do you get your protein on a plant based diet?”

And to answer this question it pays to understand what protein is and how the body uses it.

Nutrition is not a complete science and is constantly evolving through modern research technologies.  And whilst conventional nutrition still teaches us that meat is the best source of complete protein, I think it would be safe to say that in the modern world there is a lot of unhealthy meat out there, along with many very unhealthy meat-eaters!  Of course, there are also unhealthy vegans and vegetarians, and so it pays to educate oneself about the best sources of protein available, regardless of what diet you choose.  (more…)