October 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe

Anti inflammatory smoothieI created this yummy Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe from ingredients that are known to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation in the body, particularly as we head into winter when pain and stiffness can be exacerbated by the cold weather.   (more…)

3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge starts 17th November!

green smoothie websiteDo you think you could NEVER love greens but want to make healthy eating a deliciously simple part of your lifestyle?

Then get ready to experience the power of Green Smoothies by taking our FREE challenge and feel the difference in just 3 days!

Join us for our next FREE challenge on 17th, 18th & 19th November 2014… at a blender near you!

So get ready to make a fresh start with your health, boost your energy, clear your skin and maybe even lose a little weight effortlessly in just a few short days!

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Best foods for Arthritis & Inflammation in the Body!

gingerby Andrea Baines

Recently I’ve had a few requests from people for information about raw foods that would be good for reducing arthritic pain and other chronic inflammatory conditions in the body. So I thought it would definitely be worth the challenge to do some further research into this and come up with a simple smoothie recipe as a daily remedy.   (more…)

Chia, Blueberry & Banana Porridge (Video)

Chia Porridge Video PicThis Chia, Blueberry & Banana Porridge is one of the most versatile and filling breakfast recipes. It’s so incredibly simple to make, delicious and great to keep in the fridge as a snack anytime or for when you need that extra burst of energy before a training session.


How to Grow Indoor Greens in Jars

by Andrea Baines

Broccoli_sproutsSome of the freshest and most nutritionally dense foods on the planet are raw sprouted seeds and micro-greens.  They are delicious, juicy and tender and can be added to salads, sandwiches, wraps, stir-fries and even a topping for soups and cooked meals.

Once soaked and sprouted the tiny seeds become “living foods”, packed with super-nutrients, high in protein, chlorophyll, oxygen, phytonutrients and live enzymes that will give you tonnes of energy and help to alkalise and mineralise your body.  They are so easy to grow at home in a jar that even a non-green-fingered girl like me can do it!  (more…)

Green Juicing & Blending Masterclass – 23rd Oct, Lucan, Co Dublin

juice smoothie classFast-track yourself to better health, energy, vitality and weight-loss by learning the quickest and easiest ways to get lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into your diet!

Discovering the power of simple green smoothies, juices and raw soups was our ticket to a healthier lifestyle because we were able to quickly and easily increase the amount of raw goodness into our daily lives. (more…)

Meditate with us!

Drop–in weekly class starts 7th October, Dublin 12.

meditate lakeSome of you who knew us in our pre-Raw Vision days will know that we have a deep connection and strong background in personal, spiritual and consciousness development and have facilitated many workshops here in Ireland over the past 10 years.   (more…)

Raw Mushroom & Chive Soup

20141001_143201Even though we’re still experiencing warm, sunny days here in Ireland, that unmistakable clear chill in the early morning air reminds us that autumn is upon us.

So for this week’s recipe we thought there could be nothing more seasonally fitting than a creamy, warm Mushroom soup.

You won’t believe this is raw, it takes just a few minutes to whip up in a blender and tastes sooo good!   (more…)

What to eat when hungry between meals?

snacking nutsWhen embarking on a raw food diet, or any diet for that matter, one of the first things to learn, or re-learn, is to ONLY eat when hungry.

Sounds simple, but sadly we are so programmed to reach for food left right and center, for many reasons other than hunger, that for most of us snacking serves as a well worn comfort blanket, and a hard habit to break, rather than a necessity.  But what can you eat when you are truly hungry and nuts just don’t hit the spot anymore?  (more…)

In the press this week…

Independent Newspaper Health & Life supplement . article by Joanna Kiernan - 29.9.14

Independent Newspaper Health & Life supplement . article by Joanna Kiernan – 29.9.14

As advocates of the raw lifestyle we’re always very happy to contribute to positive press and media features about raw food and healthy living.  And this week we’re delighted to have been featured in two popular publications – The Irish Independent newspaper and also Healthy Juicing magazine (“10 Best Happy Foods” by Andrea Baines). (more…)