February 2015

Green Juicing & Blending Masterclass – 23rd March, Lucan, Co Dublin

green smoothie websiteFast-track yourself to better health, energy, vitality and weight-loss by learning the quickest and easiest ways to get lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into your diet!

Discovering the power of simple green smoothies, juices and raw soups was our ticket to a healthier lifestyle because we were able to quickly and easily increase the amount of raw goodness into our daily lives.

Next Class: Monday 23rd March 2015, 7.30 – 9.30 pm – Lucan, Co Dublin

Learn the best techniques and the simplest methods for juicing and blending success.


Courgette Pasta w/Sundried Tomato & Basil Pesto

raw courgette pasta

Courgette Pasta with Pesto Sauce

by Andrea Baines

I remember when I first started eating raw about 5 years ago, one of the dishes that blew me away was courgette pasta.  It’s one of the simplest dishes to prepare and yet has real appeal to both new and non-raw foodies alike, followed by a big “wow” factor upon first eating! (more…)

“Wok-less” Raw Thai Stir-Fry

Stir fry videoThis no-cook, “wok-less” raw Thai stir-fry is a real winner with raw foodies and non-raw folk alike.

The longer you leave it to marinate the more it will take on a “cooked” texture and quite frankly some people don’t seem to even notice the difference!

We even made a video tutorial to show you just how easy it is 🙂


Why are we eating more raw food?

by Andrea Baines

Why are we eating more raw food and are there any REAL benefits?


Well, countless celebrities are getting their raw greens into them, in any way they can.  And it’s not just to look cool…. there’s a good reason why.

They want to LOOK and FEEL GOOD for as long as possible!

We all know that we should be eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables but, let’s face it, most of us simply just don’t do it. As a society we have become creatures of habit who like the convenience of opening a packet or a can.  But at what price?

Processed food is packed with unnatural refined salts, sugars and chemical additives that nutritional and dietary experts agree could be contributing to many of today’s health problems.

We don’t need a debate to agree that fresh, whole and unprocessed food is so much better for us.  But what about eating it raw rather than cooked?  (more…)

“Get Started on Raw” Class – 19th Feb, Dublin

pesto pastaCurious about raw food but don’t know where to start?  Then our “Get Started on Raw” Class is for you!

Discover the amazing health and healing benefits of eating more enzyme rich, whole foods and indulge your taste buds while learning how to prepare delicious dishes.

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“Fresh Start on Raw” Course – Starts 12th March!

6 Week Raw Food “unCookery” Course in Dublin  (Beginners to Intermediate)

fresh start programAre you ready to make a fresh start with your diet, health and lifestyle?  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you want to look and feel years younger with boundless energy but are struggling to make that change a normal part of your life? (more…)