April 2015

Introduction to Raw Foods Class – Tallaght, 21st May 2105


with Andrea Baines, Certified Raw Foods Coach & Teacher


“Curious about raw food but don’t know where to start?  Then my “Introduction to Raw Food” Class is for you!

Discover the amazing health and healing benefits of eating more enzyme rich, whole foods and indulge your taste buds while learning how to prepare delicious dishes.

My recipes are simple, mainstream and easy to implement!

I will give you lots of tips on how to change over to a healthier diet, what equipment you need to get started, how to save time in the kitchen and how to use natural alternatives to refined salt, sugar, dairy, grains, trans-fats and eggs.

By incorporating more raw, whole food into your daily life you will begin to naturally detox, gain more energy, lose or stabilise weight, help heal a host of health conditions, reduce inflammation, eliminate cravings and feel fuller for longer.


Rawberry Jam

Jam rawberry 021

I was visiting a friend yesterday who was on the path to healing through raw and healthy whole foods.  Only trouble was that she was struggling to wean herself off sugar and her current “treat” each day, which was to dip into a bit of jam for some sweet satisfaction. (more…)

Cinnamon & Raisin Protein Balls

Protein balls 002

You know the story.  You’re in the health food section looking at all the high energy, raw protein bars and balls, trying to decide which one you like best, but most of all trying to weigh up which one is going to give you more mileage for your money.   It’s so hard to justify spending so much on such a little morsel, and you think to yourself “that’s never going to get me through the morning….”   So you head over to the coffee shop and purchase a massive blueberry muffin for the same price, feeling justified that you’ve done the right thing.

I know I’ve been there, and still do on the odd occasion.  That’s why I prefer to make my own energy balls, bars and treats so I don’t have to think about it. They are as fresh as you can get, taste amazingly good, will sustain me for hours and I can make up a large stash for the freezer. (more…)

Sprouted Chickpea & Sundried Tomato Hummus


Tahini 021

I love hummus.  Spread it on crackers, nori rolls or cabbage leaves.  Use it to stuff tomatoes, or as a dip for celery, carrots or asparagus.  And you really can’t beat home-made.  What’s best about making it raw is that we are using chickpeas (or Garbanzos if you are from the States) that have been sprouted over a couple of days to release all those lovely enzymes that turn them into a super living food.  Much better than using a can of processed ones!


How to make Tahini Paste

Tahini 009

This has happened to me on several occasions.  I’ve got a jar full of freshly sprouted chickpeas and I’m about to make a lovely batch of hummus …and there’s no Tahini left in the fridge!

And so, time permitting, I now make my own.  There really is nothing to it, all you need are some sesame seeds, a little oil and a dollop of patience….  it does take a fair bit of processing.


Maca & Vanilla Incan Trail Porridge

Incan breakfast 011

I have to confess to being a little obsessed with breakfast smoothie bowls at the moment.  After my morning green juice has gone down I start thinking about what deliciousness I can conjure up in the blender in case I’m still hungry. You must understand this is a healthy obsession, and with my new box of Iswari breakfast superfood goodies to hand it does make breakfast time a whole lot more interesting.