June 2015

The perfect Green Smoothie formula!

how to make the perfect green smoothieGreen Smoothies are fantastic for helping you consume your recommended daily amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday in quick and easy ways.  Particularly if you are someone who normally doesn’t actually like eating them!

But if you are struggling to make yours taste really good try following this simple formula and my great tips for making a really smooth and delicious green smoothie everytime!  (more…)

Rainbow Fruit Skewers w/Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Rainbow fruit skewers

I THINK summer is on it’s way… yes, i’m pretty sure of it, even though it’s very late here in Ireland this year!   And I love the summer because I always feel much cleaner on the inside as it’s a time when I can easily eat more raw, if not all raw, for most of season.  And I love to eat as much water-based foods like fresh fruits and salads as possible, which help to avoid dehydration.   (more…)