October 2015

Raw Food Masterclass – 23rd October, Christchurch Cathedral


Taste Fusion

I’m delighted to have been invited to present an “Introduction to Raw Food” Masterclass at the Taste of Dublin’s new “Taste City Fusion” event which will be taking place all over the city between 22nd-25th October 2015.  To book tickets for this incredible foodie event…  (more…)

Crave-Busting Cacao Shake

crave shake

We can experience cravings for so many reasons, but most of the time it’s because our bodies are deficient in vital nutrients and minerals.  What’s dangerous is that most of these cravings turn into habits that we just can’t get out of without extreme will power!


Top 5 Strategies to Stop Cravings!

We all crave foods, drinks and substances for various reasons, but one thing for sure is that these cravings can often have complete control over us….

Craving certain foods can be due to one or many factors, such as our emotional and psychological state being out of balance, which for most of us can be a daily occurrence, because we feel unfulfilled in our lives and look for something “fill the gap”.  It can also be simply because we are lacking in vital minerals. (more…)