May 2016

Strawberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Strawberry Overnight OatsOvernight oats have to be one of my most favourite breakfasts right now.  They are just so versatile, with such a variety of different flavours and textures.  It’s incredibly quick and easy to prepare the night before and you’re good to go next morning with a super healthy, ready-to-eat breakfast.  It’s such a great time-saver. (more…)

Raw Food Made Easy! Demo & Dine – 12th June, Dublin




BOOKED OUT! Join me in June for a Sunday afternoon “Raw Food Made Easy!” class followed by a deliciously healthy summer buffet!  This class is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to prepare quick, simple and deliciously healthy food for busy lifestyles!  (more…)

Raw Chocolate Brownies

ChocBrownieCake 101

This awesome Chocolate Brownie Cake has turned out to be one of the most popular dessert recipes in my classes!  Making raw chocolate recipes gives you so much more than just a sweet treat.  For me, it really helped me kick my “unhealthy” chocolate habit.  And I rarely, if ever, eat processed chocolate these days since I don’t really feel I want or need it.  Raw cacao is way more delicious 🙂 (more…)

Swedish Meatless Balls with Cashew Gravy

Meatless balls iswari 007

These Swedish inspired meatless balls make an awesome “meaty” dinner.  I’ve served this so many times in my classes and everyone seems to love them!  Most people think the meatballs are actually cooked, especially if warmed up before eating.


The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut isn’t called our “second brain” for no good reason.  Have you ever noticed that when your diet is really clean, your thinking becomes much clearer?  That your memory, alertness and ability to concentrate are much sharper and quicker?  This can happen quite quickly when you clean up your diet and start to balance your digestive system.   (more…)