August 2016

Banoffee Pie (raw vegan)

Banoffee Pie

Vegan Raw Gluten-free

Banoffee Pie is a sweet classic, and this raw vegan version totally delivers on taste, texture and yumminess.  It’s deliciously creamy, filling and sweet, and yet free from dairy, refined sugar and wheat. (more…)

Autumn Plant-based Course – starts 20th September ’16

Autumn Comfort fb flyer


SOLD OUT!   I’m delighted to announce the dates for my next 4 week course, this time based around comforting Autumnal food – both raw and cooked!  This demonstration based cookery course will help to get you inspired to take control of your eating habits as well as totally give your immune system a much needed boost.  (more…)

Buckwheat Pizza with Raw Toppings

Buckwheat Pizza Spinach Mroom 2

Vegan – Gluten-free – Dairy-free

I’ve always loved pizza, and it’s just as awesome without cheese!  This gluten and dairy-free pizza is super-fresh tasting and ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned.  The toppings look, feel and taste just like cooked, and yet we’re treating them in ways to preserve the integrity of the nutrients as much as possible.  Making your Friday night pizza a really healthy meal! (more…)