September 2016

Herbed Carrot & Seed Crackers


vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free

As the cooler weather comes in, it’s always nice to have something hearty to munch on like these super moreish Herbed Carrot and Seed Crackers.  This is a baked recipe, so no dehydrator required!  They are healthy, crunchy and slightly salty, making them the perfect comfort snack to munch on this Autumn. (more…)

Cacao Spirulina Bliss Balls


These delicious Cacao Spirulina Bliss Balls are perfect for those sweet tooth moments or when you’re need of a little extra energy.  They can be ready to eat just a few minutes and you’ll have a healthy go-to snack to keep in your fridge for the whole week.  (more…)