November 2016

Rawsome Veggie Christmas Class – 11th December, Dublin


Treat yourself and your body to a veggie happy Christmas!

Preparing festive food can sometimes prove difficult when you are vegan, vegetarian, a raw foodie or plain health conscious.  Or maybe you have to prepare vegan/vegetarian food for friends or family, or have simply decided that this year you want a healthier, alternative Christmas, without compromising on taste, and are in need of some inspiration! (more…)

Classic Kale Avocado Salad


Kale is one of the healthiest and most nutrient-rich greens on earth, and is abundantly available to us right now!  What’s more it doesn’t have to be transported half way around the world to get it to your plate as it grows very well here in Ireland as a delicious seasonal green during the winter months.   (more…)

Banana Almond Maca Shake

vegan gluten-free

vegan gluten-free

This is a luxurious shake for those moments of decadence, that will fill your tank and give you lots of energy to burn! (more…)

Date & Walnut Overnight Oats (Video)


vegan gluten-free sugar-free

Dates and walnuts are one of my favourite combos.  I love the crunchiness of the nuts against the soft, chewiness of sticky dates. And when combined together with oats and left to marinate overnight, they make an awesome on-the-go breakfast, with the sweet syrupy juice of the dates soaked into the oats.  This is a substantial breakfast that has true staying power. (more…)