New Year Re-set! – Class & 3 Day Cleanse Plan


Sunday 29th Janurary 2017, Dublin

Join my Raw Food Re-set class in Dublin this January and get a full “done-for-you” 3 day  plan to help re-set your body with clean, plant-based foods for 2017!

Starting a healthy eating plan is one of the most common new year’s resolutions, and for good reason.  However, after the buzz of your well intentioned resolution has gone by (usually by the end of January), most of us fall short and start slipping back into old habits.

I have found that there are three essential ingredients which could turn a hopeful resolution into a firm reality:

  1. Having a simple “done-for-you” plan that’s easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.
  2. Not feeling like you’re depriving yourself, but rather are really enjoying delicious foods.
  3. Having someone who’s walked the path to inspire you and cheer you on!

For those of you who feel that following a cleanse or detox plan for 21 or 28 days seems a little too daunting, I have created a delicious, bite-size, 3-day plan that will not only feel achievable right from the start, but will give you everything you need to get you started with clean, plant-based foods without any major commitment or special equipment.

I have chosen recipes with simplicity in mind, that are both delicious and easy to prepare using fresh, whole ingredients.  And all you’ll need to get going is a blender, a chopping board, a knife and the desire to feel great!

Here’s the 3 Day menu I’ve created to fit in with any busy lifestyle…
Breakfasts – Mango Spinach Smoothie, Goji Cacao Muesli, Blueberry Banana Chia Bowl.
Lunches – Green Goddess Salad, Avocado Nori Rolls, Clean Green Soup.
Dinners – Courgette Pasta w/Marinara Sauce, Thai “no-stir-fry”, Creamy Kale Broccoli Apple Salad.
Optional Snacks/Desserts – Avocado Chocolate pudding, Strawberry Ice-cream, Fruit Salad w/Coconut Cream, plus more healthy snacking suggestions!

So, if you really want to know and experience how plant foods can change your body and your health so quickly, the few days you follow this plan should make it super clear to you, and hopefully you’ll want to keep that amazing feeling going.  And here’s why.

Cleaning your body out with lots of high energy, raw, plant-based foods and fueling it up with living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber can help to:

Detox the liver and re-set your digestive system so that you can get the most from any healthy foods that you put in from here on in.

Give you amazing mental clarity and physical energy.

Clear and brighten your skin.

Reduce puffiness and dark circles from under your eyes.

Reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Raise your spirits and reduce symptoms of SAD during the dark winter months.

You may even lose a few pounds!

Once you experience the healing and energising power of plants, forming new habits from here on in with become so much easier.

For me, I noticed straight away that my acne rosacea had reduced massively after a few days on high raw foods, my energy levels rose quite quickly and when my period came around I didn’t need to take any painkillers!  (I had previously taken high dose prescription pain killers for years).

The recipes in this plan will be abundant with vibrant colour and will include delicious smoothies, high protein breakfasts, warming soups, sumptuous salads, satiating treats and desserts.  All suitable for vegans.

This 2 ½ hour live class will include:

  • A demonstration of a selection of recipes from the 3-day plan.
  • Tastings of all dishes prepared.
  • A full colour print-out of the plan, including all recipes, full instructions and shopping list.
  • A pre-cleanse guide to prepare you during the days leading up to your cleanse, and what to do after the 3 days are over.
  • I will talk you through the whole plan and answer all your questions on the day. I will also be available by email to answer any questions you have when you’re ready to follow the plan in your own time.

Class Date:  Sunday 29th January 2017,  2 – 4.30pm

Venue: Griffeen, Lucan, Co Dublin

Price: €60 per person (non-refundable unless the class is cancelled or rescheduled)

Places are limited – booking is essential.

TO BOOK: Please email or call/text me to reserve a place and I will send a link for you to make an onlne payment: / 087 205 2580