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3 thoughts

  1. This porridge is delicious and very satisfying ,you don’t need to eat again for at least 3 hours, I love it . Thank you so much,you guys.


  2. clare harte

    October 13, 2013

    Dear Both,
    What a great site.
    I used to eat a healthier diet. And felt better for it.
    But I had been diagnosed with arthritis, I’m only 38, about 3 years ago.
    Then my lifestyle changed, i got down as i couldn’t do my job as well as i was in pain (I’m a gardener) and i ate and ate lots of rubbish and stopped exercising. Which is still the case. I tried lots of diets and even attempted to go back to eating raw like I did ten years ago at the peak of mt fitness. But I’ve failed each and every time.
    I’m now 13stone. I’m only 5ft 2.
    My problem now is budget and boredom. I am doing a course which I hope will set me up for a less physically demanding job, or at least have me managing my own plant-shop business but it has me strapped for cash badly, its very intense, mentally taxing as well as physically and highly competitive so I need stress relief of some kind.
    Lately I’ve been short of breath, breathless, chronically fatigued, aching all over and massively bloated. I cut out everything and then got worse and had to take a week off work to sleep!! I dont know what to do and my doctor is useless, he told me I am obese but I should just cut down on food, stop drinking/smoking and exercise more..no real support or sympathy over my arthritis. It is affecting my work capabilities and my workmates are not very supportive either, they think im lazy…im at the end of my tether…
    What do you suggest and how do I go about a change without too much stress…?
    thank you for taking the time to read this
    Kindest regards


    1. andrea@orianapromotions.com

      October 16, 2013

      Hi Clare, thanks so much for writing in. First and foremost… go easy on yourself and don’t put yourself under any pressure to do anything drastic. I truly believe the only way a raw food diet will work successfully for ANYONE is if you take it one simple step at a time and find some sort of support system. Raw food is not yet mainstream (although it is almost there!). Food plays a massive part in our lives, and unfortunately we have become so emotionally addicted to certain foods, due to programming and media driven campaigns, that we believe we are “treating” ourselves by eating badly when we feel down, when in fact the opposite is true.
      I will be soon launching a program to help support people who want to follow this lifestyle. We also plan to hold regular group meet ups in Dublin which will include demos, talks, discussion and sharing. If you are not able to make it to those or to work with me one-to-one, there will of course be the weekly newsletters and blogs and i hope to also have my program available online in the near future, so watch this space! In the meantime, take a breath, don’t get overwhelmed. Just start with one green smoothie a day, maybe for breckie or lunch, and know that you have made a start and are doing something positive. You clearly already have the intention, so now create the first move and the rest will come. If you fall down, just forgive yourself, carry on and don’t look back. Hope that helps you Clare and good luck with your raw food journey 🙂 Andrea



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