Holistic Therapies

healingHolistic Therapies play an important role in allowing us to drop into a place of peace within ourselves and experience a sense of “letting go“.  It is a wonderful experience as a therapist to be able to provide and hold that space for others.

I have 20 years experience in the Holistic Health field, offering a range of treatments including Reflexology, Aroma Massage, Reiki Healing and Ear Candling from a peaceful location off Crumlin Road, Dublin 12.


My typical client base are those who are looking for relief from aches, pains, various physical ailments and emotional imbalance, or perhaps just want to relax and de-stress by taking time out.

Over the years of working closely with many clients, and also by overcoming several debilitating health problems of my own, including Hypothyroidism, Severe Period Pain and Adult Acne Rosacea, I have gained valuable experience of how the body works, and how we can access this knowledge by learning to listen intuitively to what it needs to heal itself.

By following a natural health regime and eating a high-raw diet I began to rebalance my body back to health, being able to eradicate medication and pain-killers from my life gave me a huge sense of freedom!

My Holistic Therapy Practice is based just off Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 with free easy parking and close to main bus routes in and out of the city.


Reiki Healing – 45 minutes – 40 euro

A relaxing, hands-on healing treatment for relief of physical and emotional imbalance.  Clothes are left on during treatment.

Aromatherapy Body Massage – 1 hour – 50 euro (women only)

Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage – 30 minutes – 30 euro

A deep and soothing massage treatment using specific essential oils for the purpose of alleviating physical ailments or emotional imbalance.

Reflexology – 45 mins/1 hour – 50 euro

A balancing treatment that targets all areas of the body through working specific acu-points on the feet using just finger and thumb pressure.  Especially good for detoxing, alleviating sinus problems, headaches and many other physical ailments.  Many clients also find reflexology to be very effective for stress, depression and poor sleep.  Essential oils included in treatment.

Ear Candling – up to 45 mins – 45 euro

Ear candles are a gentle, safe and effective way to bring relief to many ear, head and sinus problems.  This is a very relaxing and de-stressing treatment, and there should be no pain experienced by the client.


  • Body Massage Therapy Cert. 1997
  • Aromatherapy Dip. 1998
  • Usui Reiki Healing First Degree 1998
  • Usui Reiki Healing Second Degree 2001
  • Reflexology Dip. 2001
  • Indian Head Massage Cert. 1998
  • Thermo-Auricular Therapy Cert. 2001
  • Anusha Healing Level 1 Cert 2012
  • Level 2 Raw Food Coach 2014


For appointments at my practice just off Crumlin Road, Dublin 12

Tel: 087 205 2580

Email: info@therawvision.com


2 thoughts

  1. Andrea I came to see you a while ago and got reflexology a few times. It really reduced the frequency of migraines but I think as I have a lot of stress in life at the moment I need to come back to you for more sessions as it helped that too. Can I make appt for both Reiki and reflex at the same time? Thanks.


    1. andrea@orianapromotions.com

      May 10, 2016

      Hi Emma, that’s good to hear. Yes reflexology is great for migraines, but as your diet, lifestyle and daily stresses change it’s a good idea to come back for a top up to help detox and rebalance the system. I do use reiki healing whilst doing reflexology and can certainly do some extra energy work when you are here. Give me a call/text on 087 205 2580 to make an appointment. Look forward to seeing you. Andrea



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