Mind Body Food

Over the past few years of teaching and coaching others around diet and healthy eating I’ve found that, whilst most people seem very happy to eat healthy food, and really feel the difference during the times they do, they also find it incredibly difficult to keep up for prolonged periods, for many reasons.

Trying to grasp an understanding of what it is that sabotages us can really help us to gain emotional freedom about eating and empowered around food, rather than feeling anxious and guilty.

The connection between our diet and our mind and emotions is something that fascinates me, and it’s something that I’m going to be exploring through my blog in a new blog series called “The Mind Body Food Connection”.

Can we make a positive difference to our health by getting to understand our eating habits a little more?  I believe we can because it has worked for me, and I’m still learning every day.

Part One: Emotional Eating    Why we sometimes get into a rut of negative eating patterns due to everyday emotional triggers, and how we can learn to work through them.

Part Two: 3 Steps to Stop Emotional Eating  These are simple, and yet really effective steps, to help you get to the root of why you eat when you’re not really hungry, and deep down you know there’s something else going on.

Part Three: The Gut-Brain Connection  The gut and the brain have a direct and intimate connection to each other.  If one is out of balance, so too will the other.   Here’s what you can do to help keep them both in tip top condition.

Part Four: High Vibrational Eating for High Vibrational Living  Eating is about so much more than merely fueling the body or feeding the emotions.  It’s about feeding the essence of a soul embodied in human form.   Food carries a unique “energetic code” that will either speak your body’s language, or feel like a foreign invader.