Thank to everyone who has contributed to our Testimonials page after attending our courses, classes, talks and/or smoothie challenges!

Praise for the “Fresh Start on Raw” 6 week course:

“I had been dabbling in raw food for some time now and had attended two of Andrea’s previous Raw Food classes which I had thoroughly enjoyed. So, when I saw the six week course advertised, I was delighted and signed up immediately.  I was not disappointed.  The classes were excellent. Andrea is a natural teacher. Her demonstrations were wonderful.  All the recipes came with handouts and very clear easy-to-follow instructions. We tasted everything Andrea made and the portions were extremely generous.  The food was delicious and I have since made some of the dishes at home and have been delighted with the results.  Apart from the recipes, the handouts each week were very useful and I found “Creating a Raw Friendly Kitchen” extremely helpful. I now enjoy Oat, Apple & Raisin porridge or the Granola Smoothie Bowlfor breakfast each morning and I am set up for the day!  I am not completely raw yet but I am transitioning and using several of Andrea’s recipes regularly.  I gained a huge amount from the course and would highly recommend it.”  Mary, Retired Medical Scientist, Dublin


“As a long time Eczema sufferer I have always had an interest in health foods and alternative diets. I came across The Raw Vision website about 6 months ago and started trying out the recipes. I then did one of the classes and loved what I learned and so signed up for the 6 week course. The course has opened up a new way of thinking about food for me and has given me alternative options to traditional meals. The recipes are easy to follow – I now have a raw breakfast every morning and a raw lunch most days. I would recommend the class to anyone who is looking to improve their diet.”  Patricia Greene, Product & Marketing Manager, Dublin


“I’ve just completed this 6 week course and to say I was impressed is an understatement. The preparation, experience and expertise shared was second to none. The recipes are delicious, every single one. I’ve made several already and intend to include most of them in the coming weeks and into the future. All of them are simple with mouthwatering blends of ingredients. An additional perk of the course was the availability of seeds, sprouters and dehydrators to purchase at an excellent price. All of my questions about sprouting, dehydration and storage were answered.  Andrea and Fergus are a great team and very welcoming and encouraging.  I would urge anybody interested in raw food to do this course. It’s excellent value for money and you leave equipped to embark on a very tasty raw journey!” Maria Corbet. Teacher


“I approached the course after having attended a kinesiology session. Lots of things had come up for me, some new, and some not so new. Gluten and grains were and are a big problem for me, and although I had had some experience with juice fasts and vegetarianism, I had difficulties sticking to these ways of life for prolonged periods. The thing that is so wonderfully attractive about the course is its simplistic methodology – we were told very early on that essentially if you have a good knife and a chopping board then you can eat raw. I am certain that this was the moment when everything clicked for me. After 6 six weeks I have different attitudes toward eating, where my food comes from, and some of the reasons why I had being living an over-fed and under-nourished life. Being conscious of these things has removed some of the blocks that had previously stopped from making long-lasting and positive changes in my eating habits. Andrea and Fergus are wonderfully encouraging, and a mine of information and common sense. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their diet and by extension positive changes in their lives.”  Gemma McGill, Retail Assistant, Dublin


I SO enjoyed the course! The big thing for me was how EASY & quick everything was to make (because I sure am nooo cook!) – I come in in the evenings often late, & starving, so if it’s not quick & easy, it just won’t happen! Have had fun this week trying out the dehydrator – did the 4 recipes & all came out great but my favourite of all has to be the pizza!!”  Emma, dublin



Praise for the “3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge”

“I have to say that after having diverticulitis for 30 years, where have you been all my life? Only two days in [3 day green smoothie challenge]and the reject department is working better that it has for the past 30 years.  All in all I can only say that sceptic to follower in three days is a definite record for me and there is no way of changing back now.” Bob, Spain.


“After only following the diet for 3 days I had NO MENSTRUAL PAIN after suffering for the past 16 years, and my husband’s back pain disappeared!”, Regina, Ireland


Hiya, its the day after the 3 day green smoothie challenge. I must say I thought I could go back to eating normally. Wrong… I realised that by this evening I am feeling sluggish. Will try to incorporate more smoothies. I like the way I feel on the Raw Vision plan. Thanks folks for introducing me to this way of eating. Onward and upward.” Anne, UK


Praise for Other Classes:

“I enjoyed last weeks Green Juicing and Smoothie Masterclass. I made the green smoothie, delicious. I found it helpful and learned a lot how to juice and how much of each  fruit and veg to use and the notes are explained clearly. I’m looking forward to learning more about the raw food diet.”  Edel, Dublin 


“Hi Andrea and Fergus! Just wanted to say how incredibly inspiring you both are. You glow with health and vitality; the food I am now lucky enough to have the recipes for is simply divine and I’ve been inspired to buy nothing but raw ingredients since the class. This is the beginning of something really important for me so thanks to you both for sharing your stories, wealth of knowledge and delicious meals! Onwards to my raw adventure!” Maria, Dublin


“Thank you very much for last weeks juicing class.  The class was very informative.  I am now making much smoother smoothies.  I blend the greens first and then add a banana.  I actually prefer the juices but I alternate them. Your recipes are all very good and I find it very helpful to have your ideas.   I work off the basis of eating as much raw food as possible now but also eat cooked food.  The chia seed porridge is a very good alternative to cereal.  I tried adding a teaspoon of raw cocao powder which was delicious, ( a bowl of chocolate mousse), added a banana and had a lovely breakfast.”  Susan, Dublin


“Just wanted to email to say thank you so much for giving a class for our staff the other night. Everyone who attended was very impressed and are still talking about it. Perhaps in the future we could organise another class-maybe a juicing master class or something similar.  Anyway just wanted to say thank you again to yourself and Fergus and to wish you all the best with your continuing ventures.”  Ellen Corcoran, Commission for Communications Regulation, Dublin


“I really enjoyed it [Green Juicing & Blending Masterclass], you’re both very natural at giving the class, very relaxed and hopefully I will incorporate it into my every day life and diet.  Thank you again and keep me informed as to any more classes.” Breda, Dublin


“Thank you guys for a really great talk and demo this morning. Definitely something everyone should attend and try for themselves. A new path to a better way of living. Bright blessings to you both x…” Amanda, Ireland


“I really enjoyed your Masterclass last night, I will definitely get the juicer out again and start doing a green juice each morning.  Aiming to ‘reduce’ the coffee and maybe start the day will lemon & hot water and then my juice…small steps…  I love all the information in your handout which makes it so easy to learn more about where to shop etc.”  Lorraine, Dublin


“First time….very impressed….and I am not easily impressed!. Real, honest and grounded….an enjoyable, lively, educational couple of hours!”  Donal, Wicklow


“After attending two of your seminars on raw food and tasting what you can do and gaining insightful knowledge of raw food and it’s benefits , can only recommend that you take the time and get informed of what is a change in habits that can only be healthy and helpful, give it a try and you will very helpful and informative passionate people …..Andrea Baines and Fergus O’Hanlon. As I write this I’ve just been handed a smoothie by my daughter!  Highly recommend attending the course, you will be surprised and how good the dishes taste.” Derek, Carlow


“Well done , very natural and inspirational talk and demo!” Noreen, Wicklow



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